There are people who love having their photos taken. Love being in front of the camera. And then there are the rest of us!

Last weekend I had a session with a woman who has a milestone birthday coming up. She wanted to do a portrait session for herself & for her children to have. (see below…what milestone…ill never tell, but you would never believe it!!)

Today I was contacted by a young woman who wants to have beautiful photos of herself for her future husband to give to him on their wedding day.

Every reason I have heard is amazing. But I think the best reason is so you can see yourself as the rest of the world does. Your amazingly beautiful self.




Simply Feminine…Simply Beautiful…Simply You

When was the last time you felt beautiful? Confident? Strong? As women, we are so many things: Moms, Housekeepers, Wives, Friends, Employees, Employers. When was the last time you did something just for yourself? Isn’t it time!? 

What better way to start Simply Feminine Blog then with this beautiful woman! We got up before sunrise and headed to Sandy Hook, NJ. It was so peaceful and quiet. And this is what happened!

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